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About the project

Flowers are the free nature beauty.
Immanuel Kant

Since the ancient times people loved flowers. Flowers make us feel glad, bring the feeling of holiday, affection, respect and tenderness. Flowers present us beauty and inspire our creativity.

That is why we initiate the following National contest of Ukrainian florists together with leading Ukrainian floral companies.

This contest takes its roots from the 2004. Then the first floral championship was hold on the territory of Lubart's Castle in Lutsk. Since that time this contest has been traditionally arranged in parks, castles and national sanctuaries.

This year the contest-festival moves to Ukrainian capital to the one of the most distinguished sights of the city National Sanctuary “Sophia of Kiev”. The festival will take 3 days. During the festival our guests and visitors will enjoy observing unique works of Ukrainian designers and will be able to participate in the floral contest creating pictures and images like artists who use different flowers and herbs instead of paints.